China-India Yoga College Promises To Open 50 More Branches

3 years ago



Well, first China-India Yoga college was opened in 2015. It happened at Yunnan Minzu University in Kunming after the visit of Narendra Modi, local Prime Minister. Today, the exchange programme between the two nations continues developing. They are going to open 50 more branches across the country. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more details.


Yunnan University In The City Of Lijiang





To start with, the announcement was made when the college opened its first branch in December 2018. It happened at the Yunnan University in the city of Lijiang. As you may know, the first China-India Yoga College has opened over 3 years ago and it became really popular. What’s even more important, it was extra helpful for many students from both countries.


What’s Next?





According to the plan, new 50 branches will be created in the future. This step should boost both yoga education and teacher training. By the way, India is not the only country that supported the idea. There’s a huge number of Chinese yoga enthusiasts who decided to take part. Besides, over 100 yoga teaching and training centers will be built soon in order to provide teacher training courses, yoga workshops, and non-profit courses.

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