Chinese Female Students Offered US$14,000 To Sell Eggs Illegally, Investigation Reveals

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South China Morning Post investigation reveals female students from China's best universities are offered money to sell their eggs illegally. As told by Beijing Youth Daily, there's crazy demand from infertile Chinese couples in spite of the fact Chinese law forbids the trading of human eggs. The potential buyers are looking for women with good physical traits and intelligence, and are willing to pay them more. The Typical Student team learned the details.


How Much Chinese Female Students Get For Their Egg Cells? 




Good academic performance, height, and looks are best-valued by potential buyers, so donors with these characteristics "were able to charge a premium." According to the findings, female students enrolled in China's top universities are "selling their eggs for up to 100,000 yuan (US$14,600). The "ordinary" donors could get about 10,000 yuan, but some women were still up to giving their eggs for the possibility of purchasing a new smartphone.


How Did Egg Donors Connect With Potential Buyers?




The investigation has shown that the illicit transactions were arranged through an agent. Some couples would meet the donor in person in coffee shops to attract little attention. The egg donorship is illegal in China, private hospitals had made secret deals with the agent to obtain the eggs. According to the investigation, the process of egg extraction is as follows: 

  • Donors are injected large doses of hormones over a 10-day period. This is done to simulate the production of eggs at a much faster rate than normal.
  • Then, the donor undergoes an ultrasound scan and blood test to see if they're ready for the egg extraction operation. 


How Dangerous Is The Egg Extraction Procedure?

According to the report, egg extraction is a risky procedure, as it's carrying the risks of breathing problems, bloating, and clotting in blood vessels. In 2016, the investigation has discovered, two agents were jailed for collecting eggs from a Guangzhou woman "who had to have an ovary removed due to medical complications." Earlier in 2019, portal held an investigation and found that agents were offering to buy eggs from students in the central city of Wuhan. 



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