Chinese Student in US Kidnapped by School Managers to Be Deported + VOICE RECORDING

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What if you were an international student to survive a deportation attempt without any viable reason? Even more, there would be no immigration officials involved, and your school managers would be the decision makers! Sounds like a plot of a new blockbuster? The Typical Student team delivers this absolutely insane story!


The news broke on May 28, 2018, when two people got arrested by the Redding Police Department, CA, for conspiracy and kidnapping. In a vigilante attempt, two flight school managers allegedly took a flight school student from his apartment trying to expel him from the country.


As reported by the police, Jonathan McConkey named the IASCO flight school general manager, and his assistant, Kelsi Hoser, told student Tianshu Shi, 21, that he was being sent back to China. According to Federal Aviation Administration records, McConkey is a certified airline transport pilot, flight instructor, remote pilot, and ground instructor.



Tianshu Shi, 21, is a pilot in training at the flight school, who has been in the US for seven months on a M-1 visa (valid for a year). Shi said he had not been able to fly a plane for two months allegedly because of his bad English. The student told that two school managers came to his apartment and demanded that he would be ready to depart for China the next morning.

Shi didn’t believe them, since he got no official papers from China as a proof, and recorded the whole conversation.


Student Recording: SHOCKING Deportation Threats


In the recording, one can hear a blood-chilling interaction between the student and the flight school managers. The male voice is heard threatening Shi:

"Do you understand? It means I will forcibly remove you"

"Your ass is leaving now. Let’s fucking go.”

"Boy, don’t f*** with me. Do you understand?"


After the man said he had the student's passport in possession, Shi enquired if the guy was threatening him. "You better believe I’m f*** threatening you. And the United States government needs you out of this country right now, you understand?”


The woman voice is also heard on the recording saying: "You are here illegal, you know that? If you don’t go with us, you go to jail."


WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing language.

Shi told his brother, Baihan Fu, based in Shanghai about the threats. After the brother didn't hear back from Shi in quite a while, he contacted Shi’s fellow student, who confirmed that Shi had been attacked and taken. Then the brother reported a kidnapping to the Redding Police Department.


According to the police, Shi was forced to leave together with the kidnappers in fear for his safety. He was transported to the Redding Municipal Airport where the officers found him accompanied by McConkey and Hoser. The student sustained minor injuries.


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