Chinese Students Forced To Wear “Smart” Uniforms To Tackle Truancy and Boost Attendance

2 years ago



The Typical Student team told you about 6 WEIRDEST School Uniforms Worldwide You Won't Believe Exist. Now, the story is about schools in southern China that are using the brand-new type of chip-powered "smart" school uniforms. These outfits are aimed to track their students in order to “tackle truancy and boost attendance.” 


What Are ‘Smart’ Uniforms About? 




As told by the Star, these uniforms employ special chips that control students location and track their exit and entry into school. Ran Ruxiang, the principal of  elementary school in Guizhou province comments on this: "When students enter the school, the smart uniforms help take a photo or video of them." Over 700 students in his school have started wearing these uniforms since last November. 


How Many Schools In China Are Employing The Technology?



The Star informs that at least 10 schools in Guizhou and neighbouring Guangxi are currently employing the technology. Whenever students walk out of school without permission, an automatic voice alarm activates. Not only special uniforms are used in Chinese schools, but also facial recognition devices are installed on school doors. What’s more, these “smart” uniforms are capable of sensing if students swap uniforms.

According to Guizhou province school principal Lin Zongwu, the accurate students’ location is not tracked. However, if a particular student is missing or skipping classes, the uniforms help locate them. At the moment, it is unclear if smart uniforms are effective at preventing students from playing truant. Despite the introduction of these measures, the attendance rate hasn’t increased much. 


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