Private Columbia College For Women Will Accept Transgender Students In 2019

3 years ago



December 2018, a private Missouri women’s college promised to change their admissions policy. As a result, in autumn 2019, it’s going to accept transgender women and non-binary students assigned female at birth. The officials say this step should be treated as the world’s understanding of womanhood changes. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more!


Stephens College in Columbia





This story is about Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, US. It’s a private school for girls, which used to have quite strict rules but the institution is going to accept transgender women next fall. Needless to say, this new policy requires future students (including non-binary girls assigned female at birth) to provide legal documentation which shows that they live and identify as women.

Other Details





On the other hand, according to the new acceptance policy, Stephens College will not admit applicants that were born female and now identify as male or are transitioning to male. Needless to say. the same applies to nonbinary students who transitioned to male. Still, in case such person decided to begin transitioning after they’re enrolled, it’s possible to finish the semester.


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