Comparing Boys to Bread: NEW Weird Trend Is Gaining Popularity Among Female Students in UK

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We girls always rank the boys. And those who say they haven’t ever ranked anybody are the biggest rankers. While some girls simply distinguish between good and bad boys, Diyora Shadijanova has come up with a new boys classification. And you’ll never guess with what she compared the boys. Diyora created The Official Ranking of Boys as Bread. The concept of her classification is that all boyfriends can be ranked from bad to good according to different types of bread. The Typical Student team delivers your the latest weird trend piping hot! 

#1 Sourdough – the one to marry


Famous example: Prince Harry.

Sourdough is very wholesome, savory, and satisfying. This is a kind of bread you are going to love when you get a little bit older. So when you are fed up with garlic bread or baguette, sourdough will be perfectly good for you. Besides, sourdough never loses its great taste.

#2 Baguette – just from a bakery and that’s why it’s so hot


Famous example: Jack Fowler from Love Island.

Baguette knows that he is the tastiest. He is tasty on his own and with a little bit of olive oil as well. Baguette is a perfect choice for any meal and any life situation. Everybody loves baguette, simple as it is.

#3 Hovis Seed Sensations – a good one


Famous example: Oliver Proudlock.

This type of bread guy is the one who lives in a cozy house somewhere in the countryside and owns a Labrador. Hovis Seed Sensations has a big heart.

#4 Focaccia with rosemary and sea salt – not as described in real life


Famous example: Eyal Booker.

Focaccia with rosemary and sea salt is the one who has a cool Instagram account and who always look perfectly good. However, when it comes to conversations focaccia with rosemary and sea salt tends to be a little bit thick.

#5 New York Plain bagel – the heartless one


Famous example: Drake.

New York Plain bagel seems to be a perfect boyfriend. He will take you on the best dates in your life and you’ll find a lot of stuff to talk about. However, there is a huge hole in the place where his heart is supposed to be. New York Plain bagel is emotionally closed.

#6 New York Cinnamon bagel – an aloof New York Plain bagel


Famous example: Alik Alfus.

You don’t want to have New York Cinnamon bagels all the time because they will not be as tasty if you eat them every day.

#7 Oven baked garlic bread – the worst one


Famous example: Muggy Mike.

Garlic bread is very tasty, but it’s unhealthy and makes you put on weight. Garlic bread is the one that makes you regret eating it, but you still eat it again and again. This is a type of bread you really want to have, but you are doomed to stop eating it one day because there is no healthy future with the oven baked garlic bread.

#8 Warburtons Toastie bread – the one who comforts you


Famous example: Alex Mytton.

It’s good, but you only have it when there is no other bread to eat.

#9 Sainsbury’s (Giraffe) Tiger bread – the obscure one


Famous example: Jamie Laing.

It’s tasty, but you never know what ingredients are inside of this loaf.

#10 Genius gluten-free bread – the one who is missing something


Famous example: Dr Alex George.

Gluten-free bread doesn’t taste as good as a regular one.

#11 Warburtons thins – the bad guy


Famous example: Harry Baron.

You are simply ashamed of him. He is the one you never introduce to your family or friends.


#12 Own brand thinly sliced white bread – the one who can’t offer much


Famous example: Alfie Deyes.

It’s good, but you never have enough of it.

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