Covington Catholic School Suing The Washington Post For $250M Over "False and Defamatory Articles"

3 years ago



The story of Covington Catholic students is not nearly over. Previously, the Typical Student team told you how Covington Catholic High School Students Harass Native American During the March for Life. Now it came to our knowledge that the lawyers representing Covington's student Nick Sandmann have filed a lawsuit in federal court. They are seeking $250M in damages against The Washington Post.


Defamation Suit Against The Post



As told by USA Today, Todd McMurtry and L. Lin Wood, the laweys, representing the Covington Catholic High School teenager and his family, have filed the  $250M lawsuit Tuesday. McMurtry made an announcement on Twitter.

In the tweet, McMurty included a link to the text of a lawsuit containing the accusations against The Post's unprofessionalism. Below you will find the quotes: 

  • The Post bullied an innocent child with an absolute disregard for the pain and destruction its attacks would cause to his life.
  • The Post proved itself to be a loud and aggressive bully with a bully pulpit.



The suit also points to "no less than six false and defamatory articles" about Nick that were reportedly published by The Post. It is possible to read the text of a lawsuit in full on the law firm's website. 

The Typical Student team will follow the story as it unfolds.



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