Fashion Choices: 5 CRAZIEST Prom Dresses That Went Viral on Social Media in 2018

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The school year is approaching its end, so we’re entering the prom ball phase. Every girl wants to look special on a day like this. Looking for the right prom dress can be a difficult task if you want to stand out from other girls. However, some students can take a quest for THAT ONE dress too far. Inspired by the craziest prom dress designs, the Typical Student team has put together a collection of unforgettable prom attires! Just take a look!

  • Chinese Prom Dress & Cultural Appropriation  

On April 22, 2018, Keziah Daum tweeted the picture of herself wearing a Chinese style prom dress. Looks beautiful, but someone on Twitter apparently didn’t appreciate Ms. Daum’s sense of fashion as much as we did.

keziah-daum-prom-dressSource: @daumkeziah

The tweet went viral after a guy named Jeremy Lam retweeted the post accusing Keziah of cultural appropriation saying: "My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress." Still, other users of Chinese origin didn’t see anything offensive in the girl’s tweet and showed support of her decision. Ms. Daum has handled the situation gracefully, saying "you can't please everyone."

  • Celebrity Cleavage: How Appropriate is Your Prom Dress?

amelia-gray-inappropriate-prom-dress-cleavageSource: @ameliagray

Actress Lisa Rinna's teenage daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, has been slammed by Instagram users for wearing inappropriate prom dress. Amelia showed the low-cut attire in her Instagram profile with a caption "Can't hide the gang." Amelia’s mother saw nothing wrong with the cleavage proudly posting a picture with a bunch of teens in their prom attires on her social media.

  • The Modesty Poncho As Prom Dress Accessory

Meanwhile, the officials of Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Michigan has invented the way of keeping students from revealing too much nudity on their upcoming prom on May 12. Female students are to be given “modesty ponchos” in the event school officials consider their prom dresses to be inappropriate.

Mind you, the school is Catholic, so it was the theology teacher Mary Pat O’Malley, who came up with the plan. She assumed that seeing the ponchos beforehand might help female students rethink their dress options for the upcoming prom night.


  • The Condom Prom Dress

In 2016, the Adolescent Health Project and Women's Fund of Omaha made a bunch of vibrant prom gowns out of condoms. The idea was to raise awareness about the problem of contraception getting teens and their parents to talk about safe sex practices. Of course, the dresses were not meant to be worn for obvious reasons. The mannequins demonstrating these pieces were installed in local attire shops. Teenagers and their parents could see the dresses while shopping. Each item had a tag saying: “Being safe is always in style.”



  • Teen Dumps Boyfriend Over Prom Dress Insult

Madison Witham’s message exchange with her boyfriend over a prom dress went viral on Twitter. The high school student from Indiana sent her boyfriend a photo of herself wearing the newly-bought prom dress over iMessage. Ms. Witham kept the image in black and white to make the dress color a surprise. In response, her now former flame insulted the girl saying: “you look like a slut b.. no offense.”


So, Witham tweeted: “I’ll stick w/ the dress and get myself a new man, byeee” dumping the boyfriend on social media. The tweet has gone viral, amassing over 44,000 retweets and 249,000 likes.



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