Crazy Uber Driver’s Girlfriend Text Exchange That Went Viral (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



Katherine (@ohthatkatherine) has recently posted on her Twitter a text conversation with her Uber driver’s girlfriend who for no reason harassed her.

Her tweet read that she had an amazing drive with a very nice Uber driver, who let her listen to her own music in the car and made sure that she got home safely. However, after that, his girlfriend Amber started texting Katherine and those messages were not nice at all.




Amber said that she was the driver’s girlfriend and mother of his baby. She also claimed that she knew that they were hanging out and added, "If you want him you can have him. He’s a complete loser that doesn’t care about anyone but himself."





Obviously, Katherine didn’t know about all the drama in this couple’s relationship. So she told Amber that she wanted to stay away from their relationship crisis. However, Amber didn’t seem to want to stop the conversation, so she started accusing Katherine of having sex with her boyfriend.




At that point Amber was extremely paranoid and annoying, so Katherine did her best to end that conversation. But it didn’t work.




And the conversation went really creepy.





Finally, the conversation was over. However, a couple days later Katherine got a creepy email from Amber in which she accused Katherine of being a hooker and drug addict.

Katherine than tweeted, "Gossip really gets it all wrong sometimes. Anyways, that’s my funny story! Thanks for reading and oh...Amber...stop harping. I didn’t fuck your baby daddy, he just Ubered me home. Leaf me alone pls. Thank you!"


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