5 CRUCIAL Skills Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids Before Buying a Smartphone

4 years ago



With smartphones becoming more affordable, seeing a 5-year-old operating a mobile better than an adult is no surprise. Most parents don’t think about how harmful purchasing a smartphone at an early age can actually be. Modern society has already faced such behavioral disorders as smartphone addiction, insomnia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), etc. Still, parents keep purchasing smartphones to their kids.


It goes without saying, there is a number of skills a child should master before getting their first mobile. What are they?

  • Setting Rules & Discussing Expectations

Parents are advised making a cell phone contract stating the expectations for the smartphone use as well as clarifying the consequences of the contract breach. It’s crucial that a parent shows their kid how important is keeping to the terms of the contract. Also, time limits for the phone use and data usage must be set. Parents are recommended to take the mobile away from their kids at night to make sure their sleep isn’t interrupted.

  • Warning About Inappropriate Texts & Images

If a child is old enough to understand, having a conversation about inappropriate text messages and pictures is a must. Discussing sexually inappropriate behaviors such as sexting is crucial, as it often happens in school environment. Also, parents must inform their children of the legal implications of sending nude pictures of themselves to someone, or forwarding a sexually suggestive picture received from someone else.

  • Have a Conversation About Cyberbullying

The smartphone era has made bullying hard to evade, for now it has relocated into the cyberspace. Parents must inform their kids of the steps to take in case of being bullied. Knowing the kid’s social media passwords can help timely reveal and report the signs of cyberbullying.

  • Smartphone Equals Responsibility

Owning a smartphone is responsibility for a child who doesn’t earn their living so far. It’s important to teach a child that smartphone is an expensive item which requires careful attitude. Experts advise that a kid who earns an allowance should contribute a small portion to the cost of their cell phone plan. This can help parents teach their child being financially responsible.

  • Make Unplugging from Electronic Devices a Family Habit

Unplugging from digital devices at a set time must become a family practice on a daily basis.  Establishing the phone free time will not only improve communication, but also sleep. Having the phone box to put in everyone’s phone for at least 30 min to 1 hour each night will help create the favorable atmosphere. Showing your kids the way to unplug from the electronic device will help them feel refreshed the next day.


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