Extra Cute Student Trend: A Selfie With Quokka

2 years ago



Multiple investigations showed that animals influence your mood. Spending time with pets, students can relax and get used to college life. In this post, the Typical Student team prepared for you an extra cute selection! Here’s a well-known students trend - taking a selfie with quokka.


#1 Say Hi

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-1.jpg#2 Always In Time

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-2.jpg#3 Going Extra

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-3.jpg#4 These Eyes

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-4.jpg#5 No Comments Needed

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-5.jpg#6 Wazap?

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-6.jpg#7 Waiting For Friend To Take Selfie

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-7.jpg#8 I Wish Someone To Look At Me This Way

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-8.jpg#9 Party

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-9.jpg#10 Hanging Out

cute-student-trend-selfie-with-quokka-11.jpg#11 Taking A Pic



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