CUTEST Yearbook Features 2018: 3 Therapy Dogs + 1 Laser Cat

3 years ago



High school yearbook is not only for students! How about those who kept you company during the endless academic grind? Believe it or not, dogs and cats can also get a feature in a school yearbook. Previously, the Typical Student team has put together the CUTEST yearbook animal features, you can’t help but adore!


Miss Peanut - Therapy Dog


This adorable yearbook entry was shared by @elle91. Miss Peanut, the therapy dog at one of Illinois schools was put into the yearbook and Twitterverse just couldn’t get enough of it! Miss Peanut, dubbed as the Goodest Girl, instantly went viral, amassing almost 55K retweets in the first 24hrs!



However, Miss Peanut is not the only dog to get a yearbook entry. Other Twitter users have shared the dogs who also got a yearbook feature!

Apparently, Lydia and Stanley are proud to be a part of the end-of-school yearbooks next to the students. Shared by and @LukeShigeo and @JengyBowserMD.



Mr. Bigglesworth, the Laser-Cat Yearbook Picture

This story dates back to 2015, but we couldn’t help but mention the laser-cat-yearbook photo! Draven Rodriguez broke the Internet after the photos of him in a suit, clutching his cat Mr. Bigglesworth, embraced in laser rays, was featured in a school yearbook. How did he do it?


Well, first the school principal objected to the idea, but after the story got mentioned at The Ellen Show and at Jimmy Fallon’s, the picture made it to the yearbook. The principal Diane Wilkinson agreed to the photo if she and dog Vivienne could be in it.



Unfortunately, 6 months after the graduation Draven committed suicide, but the picture stays as a tribute to his determination to complete anything he set his mind to.


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