Female Student from the University of Georgia shares her experience about the productive college days. Here Is How You Can Become A Productive Student

A Day In The Life Of Georgia University Student

3 years ago



Brooke Miccio, a student at the University of Georgia, tells about her productive college day. Here is what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about!

Morning Routine


Brooke wakes up at around 7 o’clock in the morning and starts her morning with a cold shower. Then she puts her everyday makeup on and has breakfast. After breakfast, she dresses up and prepares for her lessons and reviews the material for the test for a while.






Around afternoon Brooke goes to her classes. Straight after the classes, she goes to the gym with her friend. Brooke says that a good workout makes her feel really energized, so she recommends doing sports to all the students who feel exhausted because of the huge workload.

Brooke’s Casual Evening





After the workout, Brooke goes home to take a shower and have a little snack. Then she dresses up and goes to have dinner with her best friend. After hanging out with her friend Brooke goes back home and cleans her bedroom a little bit. Then she takes her makeup off and prepares to go to bed. On the busy days like this one Brooke goes to bed quite early, so around 11 p.m. she is deep asleep.

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