Demi-Leigh McCarthy MISSING: Vulnerable UK Student in Aveley, Essex, Went MIA August 7, 2018

3 years ago



Family and friends are deeply concerned for Demi-Leigh McCarthy, 14, who went MIA two weeks ago from her home in Aveley. Essex Police are appealing for information to locate the missing teen. Demi-Leigh McCarthy is described by her family as ‘vulnerable.’ The Typical Student team’s thoughts and prayers are with Demi-Leigh’s family in hopes for her soonest return.

demi-leigh-mcarthy-missing-01Here’s what you need to know about the missing student:

  • Demi-Leigh is 5’5” tall, slim build. She has straight long hair and brown eyes.
  • The teen has links to the Tilbury, Grays, Stratford, and South Ockendon areas. Ms McCarthy is alleged to be a student at a local Aveley school.
  • The girl disappeared from her home in Aveley, Essex on August 7.
  • According to the spokesman for the local police department: "She is considered vulnerable and her family and officers are concerned from her welfare."

If you have any information about Demi-Leigh McCarthy, do not hesitate to call Grays police station on 101 or in an emergency 999.

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