Betsy DeVos Sued Again After Student Borrowers Won Court Case

3 years ago



To make a long story short, student borrowers win the court case against Betsy DeVos. Still, the Education Secretary sued for failing to implement automatic student loan forgiveness. What is the future of student loan borrowers and will their debts ever be canceled? Let the Typical Student team tell you more details!


The Battle

devos-sued-again-after-borrowers-won-1.jpgAs you may know, there’s legal battle between Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and tens of thousands of students. They are waiting for their debts to be canceled. And October 2018 it seemed that the battle is finally over. However, November 2018, a new round of litigation started.


Housing And Economic Rights Advocates

devos-sued-again-after-borrowers-won-2.jpgToday the group called Housing and Economic Rights Advocates is suing DeVos. They claim that the Department of Education already failed to comply with Borrower Defense regulations. However, it continues to collect on loans that should be discharged. Here is what Aaron Ament, president of the National Student Legal Defense Network, said:

"Under current leadership, the Department of Education seems determined to deny student borrowers the financial relief to which they are entitled. Secretary DeVos is still dragging her feet and hurting tens of thousands of borrowers through her inaction."

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