Did You Know: How Much Money Has the Malala Fund Raised?

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In a recent Variety interview, Emily Blunt has told about her Malala Foundation amplification.  The BAFTA-nominated actress said that she and her husband, John Krasinski, were looking to support a charity promoting education and women’s issues. Emily Blunt also revealed that Malala has a sweet girly side to her that loves shoes and clothes. Apart from Emily Blunt, there are other celebrity supporters of the Malala Foundation.

Listed in the donor section on the official Malala Foundation website are Apple Inc., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Starbucks Foundation, etc. Throughout the years of the foundation’s existence, it has received millions in donations to support the good cause of educating girls across the globe.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai herself, donated over $1 million to education-focused projects globally. The most influential figure to support the Malala Fund was the President of Pakistan. In 2012, President Asif Ali Zardari announced a $10 million donation to educate all girls by 2015. In 2018, Tim Cook of Apple Inc. announced the corporation’s intention to cooperate with Malala.



How Much Has Malala Raised?



According to the publicly available information, the London-based company, owned by Malala’s parents, had a net worth of ‎£1.87 in August 2015, up ~65% from the previous year. The company is the main supporter of the Fund. The public data provided by the IRS suggests that in 2016, the total income amount of the Fund was $19,813,926. The estimated asset amount was $13,931,083.

Of course, these numbers are not even close to the amounts of money donated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Still, over the years, a lot has been done to improve girls’ education in low-income countries, mainly by Malala herself. Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala donated $50,000 to rebuild a school in Gaza, damaged during the Taliban rule.

The most recent donation from Apple Inc. will ensure 100,000 girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Nigeria, India, and Latin America are going to school. The Malala Fund ultimate objective is guaranteeing "12 years of free, safe, quality education" to every underprivileged girl across the globe. Hopefully, Malala’s educational initiative will attract more philanthropists and celebrity supporters for the good cause.


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