Do You Need Smartphones On Campus? Because This Professor Doesn’t Think So

3 years ago



Without a doubt, there are many stupid bans in schools and colleges. However, this time the situation becomes too irritating. Looks like smartphones are not human rights for college students! And that’s what the Typical Student team will discuss.


Free College Movement





To make a long story short, winter 2018, a Temple University professor wants to create a new movement. The main reason: there should be no smartphones on campus for all college students.
“I would love to see anyone attempt college these days without a functioning cell,” said Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, a sociology professor. “While I was a college student, I never saw a student trying to do their homework off their phone. It’s a bit difficult to type a 10-page term paper with an iPhone touchscreen, and most students have free access to a computer lab and other tech resources at their college library.”

Some officials say that mobiles are not connected to students’ productivity. All in all, students can always buy a steeply discounted unlocked smartphone or tablet in case they can’t afford a brand-new one.

New Digital Divide





Another prof from Indiana University professor refers to a “new digital divide”. It’s between the students who can afford such phones and those who cannot. Jessica Calarco thinks that “the only digital divide that I’ve observed is between students who don’t bother to buy a case or screen protector for their smartphones and tablets, and those who do. The ones who don’t make that small investment often end up paying for a replacement device. My iPhone 5S (with its Dollar Tree case) has lasted nearly three years after being dropped more times than I can count.”


According to the statistics, between 1994 and 2014, there was 110 percent grown in tuition fees at a four-year public university. That’s why today there are so many people who have a college degree. “Unis are using all kinds of amenities to attract students, and those amenities cost money. Plus, administrative costs are only increasing nationwide as new bureaucratic positions are created to address issues like diversity and inclusivity.”

Looks like $200-$300 smartphones won’t make or break the bank for students.

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