These 8 UK Schools Get The Most Oxbridge Admissions, And Students Are Appalled

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BBC News broke the news that Oxford and Cambridge are give preference to students from eight top UK schools leaving students from almost 3,000 other English state schools behind. The Typical Student team learned more about the schools Oxbridge gives preference to.


The Sutton Trust study checked the Oxford and Cambridge admissions data between 2015 and 2017 to discover the private schools dominating over the other British schools. According to the Sutton Trust research, 1,310 Oxbridge places have been filled by the students from these schools over three years. In comparison, there have only been 1,220 students enrolled from 2,900 other schools. The latter account for ¾ of the British secondary schools.


Schools With the Most Oxbridge Admissions




According to the data provided by the research, the highest number of Oxbridge admissions come from these schools:

  • Westminster School, London (independent) - an average of 70-80 pupils each year have been offered places at Oxford and Cambridge in the last five years, the school says
  • Eton College, Berkshire (independent) - in 2014, 82 students were accepted to Oxbridge. The following year 68 were accepted
  • Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge (state sixth form college) - an average 60 pupils receive Oxbridge offers, the school says
  • St Paul's School, London (independent) - 53 students went to Oxbridge in 2016 and 41 in 2015
  • Peter Symonds College, Hampshire (state sixth form college) - an average of 48 students received offers from Oxbridge over the past three years
  • St Paul's Girls' School, London (independent) - an average of 45 students went to Oxbridge each year between 2015 and 2017
  • King's College School, London (independent) - sent 48 students to Oxbridge in 2017
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford (independent) - 44 students went to Oxbridge in 2018



Source: WikiHow



The admissions disproportion percentage looks as follows:

  • 7% of all UK pupils attend private schools
  • 18% of those taking A-levels are at private school
  • 34% of Oxbridge applications are from private school
  • 42% of Oxbridge places go to private school pupils

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