Times Newer Roman Font Will Let You Write Up to 850 Words LESS In Your Paper

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Lazy college students, this is your lucky day! If you hate writing your term papers, there’s a font that can make them look longer with less effort spent. So, all of us know Times New Roman, but what about Times NEWER Roman? According to  BuzzFeedNews, this font will make your paper look a bit bigger than it actually is. The Typical Student team learned all about this great typeface.  


What Does the Font Do For Your Paper?



Source: Mashable


Just imagine, now there’s no need to play with the margins, throw in additional spaces after periods, or set the bigger font size for the punctuation. Easy as that, Times Newer Roman makes the words take up more space on the default A4 page.


times-newer-font-students-02Source: BuzzFeedNews


According to BuzzFeedNews, to get a 15-page paper, single-spaced Word document, 12-point font, you will type about 850 words LESS using this new font. Designer Gabe Whaley who authored this brilliant font used to be a badass procrastinator as a student.


times-newer-font-students-03Source: BuzzFeedNews


PLEASE MIND: The trick with Times Newer Roman works ONLY if you're printing a paper out. Emailing the Word document written in Times Newer Roman to your professor will show up as regular Times New Roman if the educator doesn’t have this font installed on their computer.


To download the font, click this link.

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