Durham Female Student Beaten In School Bus Went Viral. The Driver Suspended

3 years ago



Recently, the video of Durham Public Schools students beating a young girl right in the school bus went viral. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


The Driver Suspended





As you can see from the video, an elementary school student from Durham Public School was beaten up by her classmates on the bus. At the same time, the bus driver did nothing to stop this bullying. For these simple reasons, the driver was suspended. This video was published on social media and quickly went viral.


The Reaction





According to the Durham Public Schools officials, that privacy laws limit what they can say about the incident. However, the statement clearly says that the system won’t tolerate any bullying. Their responsibility is to protect each of their students.


“This unfortunate, isolated incident is not reflective of Glenn students nor our community. Safety is our top priority. Durham Public Schools’ policies regarding this incident have been enforced.”


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