eBay Is Now The Go-To Summer Job, As Most UK Students Earn Money Selling Things Online

2 years ago



Summer isn't only about having fun, but also about some money-making! At least, that's what internet-savvy students are doing while you're basking in the rays of the southern sun. The latest survey has found eBay is the new bar job, standing among the most popular ways for university students to earn money. All it takes is buying and selling clothes on the web, Telegraph reports! The Typical Student team learned the details.


What Are The Most Popular Summer Jobs Among Students?



Here are the key findings of the survey held by the tutoring company Tutor House:

  • More than 51% of students out of 3,000 respondents stated they use eBay to make money during the summer holidays;

Getting back to eBay, there's a plethora of mobile apps (Depop, Vinted, Preloved) for buying and selling second-hand clothes. So, students can earn a pretty penny without leaving their bedroom!

  • 43% of students named hospitality or bar work the second most popular choice of summer employment;
  • 30% of students named tutoring the third money-making option for the summer.
  • 11% (one in ten students) don't work during the summer, of those almost all (96%) get money from their parents to fund their lifestyle.


Other Job Options?



As for the other methods, students named:

  • dog walking;
  • filling out online surveys;
  • working as Uber driver;
  • working for food delivery service Deliveroo;

"Sharing economy" jobs turned out quite popular!






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