Edinburgh University Makes Students’ Life Safer During Provocative Sex Seminars

2 years ago



Today, Edinburgh University is one of the several institutions that try to make higher education safer. The uni decided to use workshops and gameshows in order to discuss and prevent growing problems. In this post, the Typical Student team is going to tell you about the seminar with a quite provocative title “How to be good in bed”.

“How To Be Good In Bed”

edinburgh-uni-makes-students-life-safer-2.jpgIt happened in a classics lecture hall at the University of Edinburgh. There were more than 7- fresh students who visited the seminar called “How to be good in bed”. Although the lecture brought a lot of fun to local students, there were really important questions raised. Among them, there are such things as:

  • What does sexual consent look like?
  • What is the difference between flirting and harassment?
  • How do we tackle a culture of sexual violence?
  • The seminar had a form of an hour-long gameshow.

What Were The Reasons?

edinburgh-uni-makes-students-life-safer-1.jpgAs we have already mentioned, “How to be good in bed” was created as one of the series of initiatives to make higher education institutions safer. Stats show that the unis across the UK begin to recognize the problem. It should not be ignored! The investigation showed that sexual harassment at unis is rife, and while some, such as Edinburgh, have grasped the nettle, the response is still patchy. According to the reports, in 2018m there are 62% of students and graduates had experienced sexual violence. It includes: 

  • groping, 
  • harassment, 
  • unwanted touching, coercion 
  • and sexual assault.

Also, 8% of students say they had been raped.

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