UCLA Ex-Student Sued James Franco But The Star Finally Settles The Case

2 years ago



Anyone who likes James Franco or the unusual movies at all should have seen this masterpiece called “The Disaster Artist.” However, there were some problems after the movie was released. Ex-student claimed that wrote several early drafts of “The Disaster Artist”. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more details!


Ryan Moody Filed His Suit





So, the student’s name is Ryan Moody. Spring 2018, he filed suit claiming that he made the early drafts of “The Disaster Artist” and got only $5,000 for his work. Ryan Moody sued Franco’s company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, and Seth Rogen’s company, Point Grey Pictures that produced the movie.







Moody met Franco when he was a student in his UCLA film class. As stated by Ryan, in 2013, James asked him to adapt the book which describes the process of “The Room” movie creation. After that Ryan Moody worked full-time on the project and it took him 4 months. After that James decided to replace Moody with more experienced writers.



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