500,000 People Were Going To Fake Festival Within UK Student’s Experiment

2 years ago



Winter 2018, another student got the attention of the huge audience. Basically, he just announces that there’s a cool UK music festival taking place in August. As a result, the student tricked 500,000 people and today the Typical Student team will tell you why.


Fake UK Festival





This story is about a brainchild of Lancashire-based student Ollie Yates. He needed to work on a social media campaign at college, so Ollie decided to figure out how many people he could trick with it. That’s why the student shared news about an upcoming festival in Yorkshire. Among the headliners, there were Liam Gallagher, Blossoms, Arctic Monkeys, The Courteeners, The 1975, DMAs and Richard Ashcroft.

The Answer





This young men took everything seriously and even paid £5 to boost the post on Facebook. Within a short time of the campaign went live and online users started sharing and tagging other students. Finally, there were 500,000 people to get tickets.

"I didn't expect the result I got in the end. I got the page to over 5,000 likes, which is now going down as I announced it wasn't real."


Finally, the student wrote a post where he explained that there will be no such festivals. We can’t say that everyone supported this experiment but at least it worked.





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