False Shooter Alarm Caused Panic Attacks And Multiple Injuries In Florida School (Viral Video INSIDE)

3 years ago



December 2018, there was another fake code red alarm in Florida High School. However, it made people believe that the attack is real. Both teachers and students started sharing panic on social media. This story went viral and here’s what the Typical Student will tell you about.


Original Story






So, there was a false alarm at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida, US. It caused a hysterical and chaotic scene at the school because students and teachers did believe that the red code was real. They thought that there was an active shooter on campus. It caused many panic attacks and today the school even blames students for sharing their panic on social media.


The Result





Needless to say, almost every student or school worker was crying, screaming and running somewhere. Some students were trampled and left physically injured. Finally, there was another announcement made: the alarm is fake.

Joelle Wittig, a 17-year-old senior at the school, told that her teacher “received an alert on her phone that there was an active shooter on school grounds and that “panic” began to spread through her class and the rest of the student body.”

“She shared the alert with the class because she started to panic a bit, and the rest of the class started panicking,” Joelle said. “We waited for a long time. It was pretty distressing.”


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