That’s How Fargo Students Are Missing School Without Must-Have Vaccines

3 years ago



Back to the latest news, 60 US students are not allowed to go to school this week. It happened in the Fargo and West Fargo public school districts. In this post, the Typical Student is going to tell you about the reasons for such a weird situation.

What Happened?


So, there are 42 students in West Fargo that are excluded from school. The reason: not complying with immunization requirements. Actually, it looks like the number of exclusions wasn't really high in Fargo. Plus, 18 more students were excluded district-wide.


Bismarck School District

However, these are not all the news. There were 50 students excluded in the Bismarck School District. It happened October 1 and was the statewide deadline requiring districts to exclude learners from class. They are not allowed to come back until they meet immunization requirements or have an exemption on file.



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