Female Students in Australia Showed 58% Proficiency in ICT Literacy 2017 Test Cycle

2 years ago



The results from the 2017 test cycle of the NAP-ICT (National Assessment Program – Information and Communication Technology) Literacy Sample Assessment were released in Australia. The Typical Student team previously told you that Australian Students ICT Literacy Scores Have NOT Changed Since 2014. Have there been any improvements?

What Are The ICT Literacy Results At a Glance?





Overall, female students have shown a higher level of ICT literacy compared to their fellow male students, as demonstrated by the results from a triennial assessment.

  • Year 6 students average scale score was 410;
  • Year 10 students average scale score was 523;

This means, 53% of total student number in Year 6 and 54% of total student number in Year 10 have reached the proficient standard in the 2017 test cycle.


ICT Literacy: Gender Differences



Compared to male students, female students in Year 6 have shown 14 score points higher and female students in Year 10 have shown 19 points higher results. In both Year 6 and Year 10, a significantly higher number of female students have reached the proficient standard compared to male students.


Which Digital Devices Do Students Use?




The survey completed by the students has shown the correlation between digital device experience and higher levels of ICT literacy. The report on exam results shows that 64% of Year 6 students and 79% of Year 10 students have had at least 5 years’ experience using digital devices. Also, Year 10 students gave a higher rating to the importance of using digital devices compared to their Year 6 counterparts, and males gave a higher rating than females.

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