Summer Fashion DO’S & DON’TS 2018 for Female Students

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Are you ready for summer? You might have already come up with your travel plans for this summer, but you probably still don’t have new trendy clothing for your summer vacation. So if you want to look perfectly great this summer here are some trends and anti-trends of summer 2018 that every fashionista must know. This is summer fashion do’s versus summer fashion don’ts. For the first time, the Typical Student team is doing some serious fashion & style advice! DON'T take it too serious :)

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Summer fashion do’s

Every season designers bring something new to summer fashion, so it’s not a surprise that some of your last summer trendy clothing is not the latest fashion trend anymore. However, what is really super trendy in this season? Let’s figure it out.

#1 Sequins and sparkles

This summer every fashionista has to include clothing decorated with sequins and sparkles in her look if she wants to look trendy. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior, and Chanel have plenty of sparkling outfits in their summer collections. However, such brands as Forever 21, H&M, and many other budget brands have a vast variety of trendy sparkling outfits in their summer collections.

#2 Pastels

Speaking about colors, nude colors as well as light lilac, light pink or lemon are the latest trends of this summer.

#3 Plastic

Suddenly, plastic has become one of the hottest trends of the past and this summer. Not only Kim Kardashian plastic boots, but also plastic dresses, hats, and bags are the items every fashionista must-have. Still, you must keep in mind that plastic isn't exactly eco-friendly, nor it is wearable in a hot and humid weather. This is why you should treat trends like this with a grain of salt.  

#4 Fringing

Dresses, tops, and coats with fringing are extremely popular and recommended by famous designers to wear this summer.

#5 Sheer

Dresses, shirts, coats, and skirts made of light sheer fabrics are definitely trendy this season. Moreover, such clothing will make your look flawless and delicate.

Summer fashion don’ts

Well, let us now find out what you should definitely throw away from your wardrobe this summer.

#1 Tiny high waisted shorts

Those super short high waisted shorts that show your bum isn’t a good choice this summer.  That is the very thing you should throw away this summer. It’s better to substitute them with a sheer skirt embroidered with sequins.

#2 Crop tops and bikini tops

No matter how cool you look in your crop top this summer it’s not trendy anymore. It’s better to replace a crop top with a top decorated with fringing.

#3 Mini skirts

Every girl likes to expose her beautiful legs in a mini skirt. However, this summer too short skirts is an anti-trend. A knee-length skirt is a great choice this summer.

#4 Crotchet

Crotchet trousers or jeans as well as anything crotchet is an anti-trend this summer. It’s better to avoid wearing crotchet clothing and substitute it with something else.

#5 High-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are classic. However, extremely high heels are considered to be an anti-trend already for several seasons. Try to avoid extremely high heels this summer and find more trendy equivalents for them.

Now you have learned the basic summer 2018 do’s and don’ts and ready to go shopping. Good luck finding all the latest fashion trends of this summer!

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