SHOCKING Reasons Why Female Students in UK Ditch Birth Control

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While some female students consider condoms to be the best contraception, others prefer using birth control pills and some unconventional methods of pregnancy prevention. As a matter of fact, many female students think that sex with a condom sucks and start taking birth control pills instead of using condoms. Birth control ads are fascinating as they promise you good sex without any consequences. Still, there are some things that they always forget to mention.


Unfortunately, a pill cannot protect you from getting an STI and it might not be as effective as the ad claims. The ads usually don't tell you that birth control pills can damage your hormonal balance, so it's not a surprise that nowadays more and more female students ditch pills. The Typical Student team previously told How Students Can Get STI Test?

Problems of Using Birth Control

uk-student-birth-control-02Birth control pills are probably the most popular method of contraception. And it’s perfectly obvious why – you just take a magic pill and you don’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. However, the side effects of birth control pills can be really severe. For instance, Helena, a student from Edinburg said that her birth control pills caused severe migraines with visions and because of that she stopped using them. The other student, Tammy from Cardiff, claimed that because of taking birth control pills she had heavy periods which lasted for two or even three weeks.

Anna from Liverpool also had a bad experience with birth control pills, she had a stroke being only 20 years old and the reason was a blood clotting disorder caused by the pills. Many other girls claim that they gained weight, had mental disorders, or lost their sex interest because of the birth control pills. And it’s needless to say that birth control pills are not able to protect you from STI.

Natural Cycles Banned in the UKuk-student-birth-control-05

Pills, of course, are not the only method girls use in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Some female students dare to use doubtful and unconventional birth controls like Natural Cycles. Natural Cycles is basically an app that helps you to identify the safe days for sex during your cycle. However, this method of contraception hardly works and your chances to get pregnant are pretty high. Not to mention the fact that your chances to get STI are extremely high.

What Is Coil & Why Is It Dangerous?


Another contraception type is a Coil. Coil is an implant which a doctor places in a womb in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The first scary thing about coil is that it should be implanted into your body which is quite painful and can cause an infection. And it’s pretty obvious that it only can be removed by a doctor. And the second scary thing is that despite the fact that the Coil will not protect you from STI, having it inside your body can be really uncomfortable and painful. Tyler Seeley has told about her painful experience with the Coil, so you can read more about it here.

It is completely up to you whether to use birth control or not. However, before starting taking pills or implanting a coil think twice and consult several doctors.

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