BREAKING: Florida Tech Student Pilot Taken in Custody After Illegal Aircraft Intrusion

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Scandalous news just broke of a student pilot arrested after having hopped the security fence at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida on September 20. As told by CNN, the trespasser boarded a passenger jet under maintenance. After he was seen by the aircraft employees, he was asked to get on the ground and was held down. The Typical Student team learned the details of the incident.

What Do We Know About The Student Intruder?



The intruder was identified as Nishal Sankat, 22, a student of Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne. He was arrested by the police and taken in custody. Nishal has a dual citizenship of Trinidad and Tobago and Canada. According to the police report, he had entered the US legally.

Reasons for a Plane Breach Are Left Unknown


Source: @VictorBlackwell

Sankat's motive is still unknown. He was neither carrying arms or explosives, nor is he linked to any terror groups. At the moment, he’s being questioned at the Brevard County Jail and will be charged with trespass on airport property, burglary and attempted theft of an aircraft.

How Did the Intrusion Happen?



The police have publicized the details of the intrusion. Here’s what we know:

  • Sankat parked his red sedan not far from the main entrance to the airport terminal around 1:15 AM and discovered the doors were locked.
  • After walking around the airport perimeter, he jumped a fence, ran across the apron and boarded the American Airlines Airbus A321.
  • At the time, maintenance supervisor and a technician were aboard the aircraft and detected the intrusion. Sankat was asked to identify himself but was unable to show his badge.
  • The maintenance workers held the intruder and took him off the plane.
  • Within two minutes he was released to the hands of the airport police. Sankat made an effort to break away while being walked out by police, but failed.  

FBI is currently investigating the case, no charges have been filed, according to CNN.

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