Student Football Player Goes VIRAL After Performing National Anthem Before Game (VIDEO INSIDE)

2 years ago



There’s another student who went viral this week. This story is about an extremely talented Jackson Dean Nicholson. The video of him performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before football game found more than half a million views with a lightning-fast speed. Today, the Typical Student has this viral video for you!


Who Is This Student?

football-player-goes-viral-performing-national-anthem.jpgFirst things first, this young man of many talents is a member of the Arundel High School football team. His name is Jackson Dean Nicholson. Recently, the football player is appeared to be a great country singer.


Video Goes Viral

The version of national anthem Jackson performed before Friday night’s game became a real hit on Facebook.

“This amazing Arundel High senior does it again,” wrote the female student who posted the video. “So honored to hear him sing again. Way to go Jackson Dean.”

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