Should US Education Be Free? #FreeCollege4All Campaign Gets Good

3 years ago



According to the recent statistics, today there are 44 million people in the US owe nearly $1.5 trillion in student debt. The numerals become larger every day! With it, a student should choose between eating three times a day, paying rent on time, and buying the needed books. As a result, now students across the nation fight for #FreeCollege4All. Today, the Typical Student team is going to tell you more!

What Does It Mean?


These days, many students have the fear of never being able to pay off their student loans. For these simple reasons, October 2018, college students across US held a National Day of Action. They demand free public higher education as part of the #FreeCollege4All campaign.

“Working class, first-generation students like myself grew up envisioning college as an out-of-reach luxury,” said Nicole Reyes, a student at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

She also added:

“Now I face mounting student debt, which I am forced to prioritize over my already difficult living expenses.”

More Numerals

free-college-4-all-gets-good-2.jpgTo show that the problem is real, let’s take a look at the situation the Iowa students face. They supported #FreeCollege4All and blocked the street in front of Iowa State University’s new Student Innovation Center. The thing is that it’s the development project, which costs $84 million!


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