Now San Francisco Students Can Get Free Meat Thanks To The City College Market

3 years ago



Needless to say, being a student is not just a hard but expensive task. For these simple reasons, City College of San Francisco opens a free food market for students in need. That’s the topic the Typical Student team will highlight today!


City College Of San Francisco






To make a long story short, these days food insecurity is a quite fast growing issue on campuses. Seeing that, City College of San Francisco decided to launch a food market. It was made for students that will be provided with different take-home meals. You can get there a lot of things. From fresh fruit to ramen noodles. The market will work on a weekly basis.


Where Is It?





So, this free market for students is located near City College’s Ocean campus amphitheater. It is going to work for one-and-half hours every Tuesday. After the first day of work, the market served more than 70 students.



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