French Student Went Viral After Threatening Teacher with Dummy Gun (VIDEO INSIDE)

2 years ago



Needless to say, you never actually know which topic is going to become viral. However, when it comes to this video, you can’t deny that it deserves its online fame. It was made in the class in Creteil commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris. French student was threatening a teacher with a dummy ‘gun’. Why? Let the Typical Student tell you more!


What Happened In This Class?

As we can see, the story happened in France. One of the local students came to school in Creteil commune, which is in the southeastern suburbs of Paris. The video shows the male student standing in the middle of the classroom. He threatens the teacher with a gun and demands her not to note that he’s late. The student wants the teacher to write ‘present’ instead of ‘absent’ in the attendance list.


The Video Went Viral

In the end, it appeared that the gun is fake. Still, the video shocked Snapchat, so it went viral really fast. Today, the original post has over 84,5K views.



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