From Homeless to Harvard: BEST Student Inspiration Du Jour

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All of us need that real-life inspiration to move forward. Previously, we told you about Matt Salsamendi in How Did 19 y.o. High School Dropout Become Microsoft Mixer Co-Founder? And Delane Parnell who introduced online gaming to high schools in eSports In US High Schools: 72% of Students to Make Video Gaming a Career. If you wish to learn more inspirational stories about students who can be called game-changers, the Typical Student team is about to deliver another one.


Richard Jenkins: Student Inspiration Du Jour



Miracles do happen, otherwise how can you explain that after being homeless for 2 years, Richard Jenkins, 18, was accepted to Harvard University on a full-ride scholarship. After having a tumultuous childhood, surviving homelessness after his mother's house went into foreclosure, enrolling in Harvard looks like a fairy tale gift.


Apart from poverty, Richard also survived health issues. The boy had severe migraines that even got him on a hospital bed at one point. Being smart also took its toll on Jenkins: bullies called him "Harvard" because he was the smartest kid in his class and raised his hand often.


The Long Road to Harvard


The road to Harvard wasn’t easy: Richard applied to 11 schools in total, 3 of them Ivy Leagues (Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania). Before making it to Harvard, Jenkins was rejected by Yale, and got wait-listed by the University of Pennsylvania.


After CNN broke the story, it instantly became viral on social media. Upon learning about Richard’s childhood hardships, people voiced their support and admiration with his success. Jenkins will graduate from Girard College on June 7. Girard is a boarding school "for academically capable students... from families with limited financial resources, each headed by a single parent or guardian," as written on the school's website.





Richard is happy his story became an inspiration to many students from low-income families to pursue higher education no matter what. And we think it’s marvelous!


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