Where Millions of Taxpayers’ Money in UK University Go?

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Relocating a dog from Australia to Britain for £1.600? The recent investigation has uncovered the shocking details about the lavish lifestyles of the UK’s top university management. Some of the Britain’s vice-chancellors have claimed approximately £8M over the past 2 years to cover their lavish expenses. Here are just a few examples of the vice-chancellors outrageous expenditure:

● Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell being the Bath University vice-chancellor has enjoyed a £17,500 pay rise. Meanwhile, her annual salary including benefits is over £468,000 (this excludes £31,000 interest-free car loan). Last year, she claimed £20,000 in expenses, with almost £5,000 for the gas bill – and £2 for biscuits!

● John Hughes, the vice-chancellor at Bangor University, has an annual salary of  £245,000. Meanwhile, the university covers almost £750,000 of his country house expenses, £700-worth Laura Ashley cushions included.

● Two years ago, George Holmes, the University of Bolton vice-chancellor received £960,000 loan funded by the educational facility to buy a mansion. Even though last year Bolton sustained a significant decrease in student numbers, its head received an 11.5% pay rise!

● Southampton disclosed that over the past 2 years, 17 of its senior managers claimed a total of £400,000 in expenses. Still, the university officials have confirmed the legitimacy of all the claims.

● Professor Steve West, the University of the West of England (UWE) vice-chancellor, claimed over £43,000 in expenses. This sum includes £10,000 taxi expenses and  £7,000 for a trip to Australia and Malaysia.

Want the Best, You Have to Pay the Best?

So, are these expenses claims all about individual greed? Or maybe the system as a whole is rotten? If there were only several corrupt university vice chancellors, weeding them out wouldn’t be a problem. However, the system dictates the rules observed by the people at the top. This situation jeopardizes the reputation of higher education system as a whole.

The vice-chancellors and students are placed on the different sides of the same coin. The university executives are turning the blind eye to the fact that a vice-chancellor gets half a million pounds. And yet, inflating the rents for students, making money out of student accommodations appears quite normal.

One will be surprised learning the amount of pay rise foreseen for university staff. In 2017, the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) offered university staff only 1% pay rise! Unwilling to put up with financial inequality, the university staff went on strike across the UK.

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