US Gay Valedictorian Rejected by Parents Raised $100K+ to Go to College

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18-years-old gay dreamt of Georgetown but lost financial support from family because of his sexuality. However, the guy got $100, 000+ donations to enter the college of his dream. The Typical Student team tried to find more details of this heart-touching story.

Always In Textbook, Always In Library 


Seth Owen from Florida wanted to attend a college as long as he remembers. Going on higher education has been his actual life goal. Talking about elementary school, Seth said he was a nerd. In 5th grade, the boy would always read something. He spent free time in libraries and textbooks.

The Downsides of Being Acceptedgay-valedictorian-rejected-by-parents-raised-100k-to-go-to-college

Brilliant student with a 4.16. GPA, Seth finally got the letter from Georgetown University. He was accepted! This moment, Seth realized that his old dream is coming true. Still, there was the dark side of the Moon. Soon Seth received the financial aid pack. It was based on the expected fee from Seth’s parents.


However, this family simply threw Seth out after the unexpected coming out. Due to his sexuality, the valedictorian wasn’t even able to come home. Seth says he started crying when he saw the financial aid package. Georgetown was his one and only dream. To say more, Seth denied other acceptances as soon as he received the answer from Georgetown.

The situation seemed to be hopeless. Seth needed $20,000 to pay the 1st year tuition. Teen felt completely depressed about it and shared tensions with his teachers.

 “Make The Impossible Possible”


Luckily, Jane Martin (the former biology teacher) decided to help. She says that Seth’s ambitions admired her. That’s how Owen started his GoFoundMe page. Jane knew the teen always did his best to be as successful as possible. She started raising money for Seth’s education.

‘I know the goal seems unrealistic and the circumstances aren’t ideal, but I also know communities can make the impossible possible.’ - wrote Jane on the fundraising page.

How to Raise $100K+ for College

Suddenly, her post made sense. To enter Georgetown University Seth needed to pay $20,000. Tuesday afternoon, Seth’s page got $50,000+. It was even more than double its initial purpose. To say more, today Seth’s page has raised $111,317 donated by 2,000+ people. And the number continues to grow!


Troubles At Home


It happened during Seth’s sophomore high school year. Late in the evening, father took teen’s mobile and found there a pic with another guy. ‘Nothing inappropriate, but it clearly indicated that I was gay.’ - comments Seth.


This night, Seth was questioned about sexuality ‘till 4:30 a.m. Baptist parents sent him to a Christian counselor. They insisted on walking out of therapy straight. As expected, the ‘therapy’ appeared to be awkward. Seth says gay and transgender people weren’t treated as humans there. Still, it took several months until parents allowed Seth to stop it.


Ex-gay Therapy


Also known as ‘reparative therapy’, ‘ex-gay therapy’ already stressed over 700,000 LGBTQ Americans. Seth couldn’t get along anymore. He asked parents to let him go to another church, but they objected. He had a choice: attend the church or move out. Last February, he left his house. It happened in the middle of the senior year.

The story of Seth Owen found its happy ending. Now Seth is going to move to Washington and join Georgetown - the place of his dream.


Hopefully, this story will inspire other LGBT people to be more open and honest about their feelings.


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