Georgetown University Students to Vote on 1st Slavery Reparations Fund in US

2 years ago



As reported by FoxNews, students of Georgetown University "are considering a fee benefiting the descendants of enslaved people sold to pay off the school's debts." This initiative could start one of the first reparations funds in the US higher education institution. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


What Is "Reconciliation Contribution"?



Thursday the undergraduate students will vote on a "Reconciliation Contribution" ($27.20-per-semester fee). The main goal of the donations is to fund projects in underprivileged communities where some descendants the descendants reside. The Jesuit students have initiated the proposal aimed at "atoning for the 1838 sale of 272 slaves to keep the university afloat." The Georgetown University offers preference in admissions to the descendants of enslaved people sold to pay university's debts. The official reparations are yet to be offered. 


GU272 Student Group



As reported by CBSNews, a "GU272" student group supporting the vote called it "an unprecedented opportunity for us to come together and take action and responsibility as a Georgetown community." At that, the student referendum is non-binding, so university officials haven't told how they would respond if it passes.


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