Here Is How Students Can Get Help On Their Personal University Statement For Free

2 years ago



Needless to say, securing a place at university can be a pretty hard task, so let the Typical Student team help you a bit! In 2019, TheTab project works on helping students with sending their UCAS applications because the deadline is mostly January 15th. In this post, we’ll provide you with all the important details.


What Should You Know?





Before everything else, keep in mind that January 15th is the deadline for hundreds of thousands of students. Fortunately, the application process is the same for all students. You’ll need to fill out the form, submit their predicted grades, and write a personal statement. However, you still may need help with your UCAS application.

For these simple reasons, different workers and students from The Tab project offer their help to future students.

How To Sent Your Personal Statement?





To get help, students should send the email to is what the letter should include.

  1. The draft of your personal statement saved as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Which courses you are applying to and at which universities.
  3. Your predicted grades.
  4. The name and postcode of your school.


You’ll get feedback within 24 hours. Keep in mind that your personal statement has to be a proper draft or at least a finished draft.


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