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In an attempt to make the most of life, it's commonplace to find young adults take the plunge into starting their own family. More often than not, you find that most young couples fail to grasp the requirements, commitments, and sacrifices, the marriage institution will require of them. 

To most college students, the college year is mostly regarded as a period where they can boldly claim to have transitioned the rite of passage into adulthood. It's during this period students get to shape their future. You get to witness older women dating college students and also embark on a dating spree of your own. 

Then comes a time you find the right one and you begin to wonder if settling down at a young age wouldn't be a bad idea. An idea which seven percent of college students seem to agree on. There's no denying the fact that early marriage has its perks, but just as everything else it also comes with its downsides. 

This article will help provide you with tips on how to navigate the shores of marriage, as well as provide a better understanding of the importance and benefits of the institution. 




College - Where You Meet Single Women The Most 

For a successful college life, a student must do away with distractions and have a plan. To ensure this, one is often required to possess a strong will and determination. Creating a plan that governs your every move and sticking to this plan is key to achieving success in college.

Despite the fact that humans are generally social beings, and a keen social ability is needed after college to be successful in today's world. Students are still required to find a balance between their social and academic life. While in college you go on multiple dates and meet new singles, all in a bid to relieve yourself of the stress associated with college life. 

Things you need to make out time for while in college

  • Study time 
  • Social - Dating and hang out with friends and family 
  • Assignment and Project 
  • Personal time 
  • Chores 

What Values Marriage Offers To Students 

As a young adult, getting married at a young age will definitely come into play in how your school year pans out. Having a spouse in college will greatly complement your college life. You are able to share intimate information and daily trials of college life, obtain candid advice and an assist on your study goals. You also get to gain more time to perform other tasks as your spouse will help in performing less demanding tasks such as chores. 

One major challenge most young couples face during college year is finding time for their spouse. Given college often leaves one with little or no free time, but as most will come to find out that rather than overloading yourself with work optimizing your work time is often more efficient. Communication is key to a successful marriage, so communicate with your spouse in every way possible. Decide on an activity and allocate time on your schedule for you and your spouse to spend time together. 




What Values Marriage Offers To Your Career 

Just as marriage offers an avenue to relief one of emotional stress associated with college life, it also provides one with a similar avenue to relief both everyday life and career induced stress. If you have kids it's an added bonus as most parents feel a sense of fulfillment due to having children. 

Living a fulfilled and happier life directly translates into a more efficient worker. Excellent mental well-being, fulfillment and a desire to provide for a loved one, are exactly the attributes required for an individual to focus and excel in a chosen career. What better way to attain these attributes than the union of marriage, especially one blessed with kids. 

The challenge faced here is mostly in finances and time schedules. If your current career path isn't providing the needs of your family financially, there's a high chance that you lose interest in it. In marriages with kids, this problem is mostly solved with both parents embarking on a career path to increase the family revenue. 

Also, most couples find it hard to balance work time and family time. Here, once again a great time schedule would do the trick of getting the best out of your marriage or family. 

Before choosing to consider getting married below is a key list of criterion to consider 

  • Financial Capacity to provide for your family 
  • Home or Shelter 
  • Career Goals 
  • Family Size 
  • Chemistry and Communication Between Couple 


To experience a blissful marriage while still in college and life outside it, you should endeavor to allocate time for your spouse. Try to discover and engage in activities as a couple. The role proper and adequate planning plays in a successful marriage among young adults can never be emphasized. 

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