Did You Know: April 20 is Global Youth Service Day. Students, Tune In!

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Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) is an annual event held to celebrate young volunteers all over the world. In 2018, GYSD marks its 30th anniversary on April 20-22. This holiday is meant to encourage teens to participate in volunteering, community service, and service-learning. Also, it’s meant to show the importance of youth’s contribution to their communities through voluntary commitment.

Make no mistake, the event is really BIG! Over 2,000 youth organizations in 135 countries all over the world take part each year. In the U.S., the celebration is coordinated by the Youth Service America (YSA). On the YSA official website, students can offer their own project ideas using the available resources and promo toolkit to share it with the world. Students have already put forth the project ideas concerning philanthropy, service, awareness, and advocacy.

The YSA programs include:

  • Microfinance grants to facilitate hundreds of high-quality service-learning projects initiated by youths worldwide.
  • Government relations to draw in the Federal and State investment in national service programs such as AmeriCorps;
  • Youth Voice initiative to get the message through to adults and help young people contribute to policies and problems affecting them;
  • Communications to involve mass media in highlighting young people as assets and resources.

To learn how to participate, visit YSA official website!

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