Did You Know: Google AIY Kits for $50 Can Make School Kids A LOT Smarter!

4 years ago



Heard of Google's AIY Projects? Basically, these are the kits combining a DIY (do it yourself) and AI (artificial intelligence) to make computer science and programming more popular among school children. The kits contain all the components to create a voice-activated speaker or an image-recognizing camera, powered by Google AI.

The brand-new AI hardware kits containing the tech, accessories, and instructions plus an app to help configure them are just the thing for bringing computer science to the classroom. The AIY kits (a combo of DIY + AI) start at $50 ane feature Google's trademark cardboard shells.

What’s New With the AIY Google Kits?

In 2017, Google introduced the Voice kit to build a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. Similar to a Google Home mini, the latest Vision kit includes a camera and allows building a device capable of recognizing faces and multiple common objects. This is possible owing to the Raspberry Pi micro-computer, a USB connector cable and pre-provisioned SD card. All of the components are now supplied with the kit.

The new application to configure the hardware is available in Google Play. The AIY kits are compatible with a mouse and keyboard. The Google AIY Kit has been praised by the Twitter enthusiasts, but most users agree the gadget is more suitable for STEM students at school. Introducing innovative STEM solutions in schools can help students develop analytical thinking and creative problem-solving. These are essential computer science skills that will help them in future jobs.

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