Google #TipTuesday for Teachers In a Pinch: How to Become Effective Educator?

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It’s no secret, corporations are actively infiltrating US schools with their newest gadgets and software. Google seems to be on the frontlines of the tech invasion, offering the AIY kits for only $50, but Apple’s latest iPad 2018 is also keeping pace. The educational G Suite software is now geared for the K-12 education, so teachers must be apt at using the software.


To help the school teachers who are always in a pinch, Google has introduced the G Suite Learning Center containing important tips & tricks to help you use the software with maximum effect. Educators can follow the #TipTuesday project on Google for Education @GoogleForEdu Twitter profile. Each Tuesday the presentation is supplied with a portion of fresh ideas in three main directions:


  • Expeditions: Teacher Tips is a presentation containing the ideas and resources to get started with Google Expeditions in a classroom.
  • Forms: Teacher Tips is geared to make working with Google Forms as comfortable as possible. Teachers can use forms to create quizzes, as well as learn how to use special add-ons for more convenience.
  • Classroom: Teacher Tips is a presentation with weekly tips for using Google Classroom. Here teachers will find useful templates, ideas for student activities, etc.


How Can Becoming Apt At Google Software Help Educators?


Not only do educators learn how to use innovative technologies, they also learn understanding their students better. The #TipTuesday can become a great aid in STEM education, supporting the traditional curriculum with fresh lesson ideas. Owing to the Learning Center, teachers can find out more about how to use Google products effectively. The benefits are obvious: people learn to collaborate better, work faster, and have access to their information everywhere they go.


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