GSM London, One Of The Biggest UK Private Colleges, Lost 2,000 Students in a Year

2 years ago



As reported by The Telegraph, GSM London (previously Greenwich School of Management), lost 2,000 students in a year, went bankrupt! This left all of its 274 staff at risk of dismissal. The Typical Student team learned what happened.  


How Many Students Lost Their Enrollment? 



The data provided by the Office for Students (OfS) watchdog, suggests that in 2017-18 academic year the college listed 5,440 students. The latest figures show a significant reduction of enrollees - 3,500. GSM London is one of the biggest higher education institutions to get into this ordeal. Three GSM London colleges were stripped of their access to student loans amid concerns over low-quality degrees, the Telegraph reports.





“Highly challenging market conditions” are named the official reason for such drastic enrollee decrease. The college “has not been able to recruit and retain sufficient numbers of students to generate enough revenue to be sustainable”. Here's how an OfS spokesperson commented: "We understand that this news will be worrying for the students and staff at GSM. Our overarching priority is to ensure that students are able to complete their studies. We understand that some students who are nearing the end of their studies will be able to stay at GSM but it is likely that most will need to transfer to another higher education provider."


What About The Students?  

The reps of Plymouth University, validating degrees of GSM London students, confirmed they've had "enthusiastic responses" from several London-based institutions willing to accept the students.


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