This Is REAL: $6M Worth Gunshot Detection Systems Installed in 53 Wisconsin School Districts

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The danger of mass school shootings in US is as real as ever. While US 8th graders are getting bulletproof backpack plates as graduation gifts, the Typical Student team keeps an eye on the latest preventative measures introduced in schools. Previously, we told you about the 3 Most RIDICULOUS Security Measures to Guard US Schools from Shootings. Now is the time for some more.


The gunshot detection sensor installed at one of Wisconsin schools


According to the U.S. News & World Report, EAGL gunshot detection technology is to be installed across Wisconsin schools. Educational officials hope the technology will facilitate faster response times from police during the attack. Before the beginning of the fall semester, schools across the USA are rolling out a number of security updates.

How Does EAGL Gunshot Detection Technology Work?



One of the first to install the gunshot sensors is the Kenosha Unified School District, Wisconsin. It intends to spend around $384,000 of its nearly $900,000 grand award to install sensors at its 43 schools.

As reported by the U.S. News & World Report, the gadget is meant “to alert the police within seconds of shots being fired and activate surveillance cameras near their location to livestream the scene to authorities.”

How Much Does It Cost to Make Schools Safer?



The extra features include the capability to lock doors after gunshots. As of today, Wisconsin authorities allocated nearly $6 million to 53 school districts and individual schools to implement security upgrades. In total, the state lawmakers have allocated $100 million in grants back in March.

In fact, the gunshot detection systems aren’t new. There are several schools and higher education institutions across the USA that have used the technology as a part of their security plans for several years now. However, the EAGL devices aren’t widely used yet. It is said that 50 schools nationwide will start using  the gadget in the coming months, including the educational facilities in Wisconsin.

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