A Day in a Life of a Harvard Law School Student

3 years ago



Are you dreaming of entering Harvard? The Typical Student team prepared for you the story of a Harvard Law School student about how is it really like to study at Harvard. Heather Pickler is an undergrad at Harvard Law School and she tells about her routine as a Harvard University student.


Daily routine




Heather says that classes usually start at 9.20, but sometimes she has free mornings. She wakes up early every morning in order to review her readings or to do her chores. Between the classes, Heather goes to the library to work on her homework and projects. However, she is definitely not studying all the time, she has quite a lot of free time that she loves to spend with her friends.

Why Law School?

Heather says that she has always wanted to get into the Civil Rights Law, moreover, she was dreaming of becoming a lawyer since she was a kid. Harvard was the best option for Heather, mainly because it gives a lot of opportunities to its students, moreover, she likes the diversity of Harvard.




If you are not sure whether to enter Harvard Law or not, Heather recommends you to think twice before making this decision, because Law School is extremely expensive. So if you aren’t sure that you want to be a lawyer, you better do not take that insane loan for the Harvard Law School.


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