5 HILARIOUS Instagram Trends for Student Bloggers: Here's How to Stay on Fleek

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Can you imagine your life without Instagram? We bet you can’t. Instagram indeed has become an essential part of our lives. There is probably no a single college student who doesn’t have an Instagram account. The reasons of such a huge popularity of this social network are actually unclear, but perhaps one of them (and a very important one) is the ability to show off by means of your pics. Well, who don’t what their former classmates and childhood friends to see their cool photos on Instagram? The answer is pretty obvious we guess.

Tremendously popular social network, Instagram has already founded its own cult. And if religious cults have their rituals, Instagram cult has its trends. So what are those crazy trends that huge trendsetter known as Instagram created? The Typical Student team listed 5 the most HILARIOUS Instagram trends of 2018.

#1 Barbie Feet


No, no barbies were damaged while making this trend. Barbie Feet is a particular pose that makes your legs look thinner and longer on photos. So basically to make a Barbie Feet pose you have to put one leg in front of the other one with your front foot arched so your legs look just like Barbie’s. Obviously, this brand new Instagram trend has been already used by such celebs and Instagram queens as Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, Romee Strijd, and other bloggers worldwide.

#2 Baby Giraffe



Baby Giraffe is another pose that will make your legs look thin and long. Baby Giraffe is a bit easier to perform than Barbie Feet, so you basically put one leg in front of the other and that’s it. Eva Chen, a well known head of the Instagram fashion, is considered to be Baby Giraffe’s mom. Well, if she wasn’t the first one who used this pose, she was the one who came up with a name for it. Chen even made a post on her Instagram where she explained how to make a perfect Baby Giraffe.

#3 Gradients & Colorstudent-instagram-trends-01


So after you took a perfect pic in a trendy pose you have to edit it. It’s obviously that standard Instagram filters are not enough for those who want to gain as much likes and followers as possible. That is why Instagram bloggers have to post something really eye-catching. So playing with different colors and gradients in order to make your photos look really cool is another Instagram trend of 2018.

#4 Illustrations & Stickers 


This one also deals with editing. So it’s obvious that sometimes even playing with different colors and gradients is not enough to get a lot of likes. That’s what some inventive Instagram users came up with new ideas about how to make their pics vivid. Therefore, stickers and illustrations go to join the other ridiculous Instagram trends.

#5 Gazillion of Instastories


Posting a hundred Instagram stories a day is just another ridiculous Instagram trend. Popular bloggers and celebs use Instagram stories to promote their accounts and post hilarious stories almost every second. That is why Instagram stories craziness becomes the last ridiculous Instagram trend in our list.

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