29 HILARIOUS 'To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before' Tweets Shared by College Students

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After its release in March 2018 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before' has become one of the favorite movies of all the college students. Moreover, the film’s approval rating according to the Rotten Tomatoes is 95 per cent. Besides, the IMDb rating of this Netflix movie is 7.5. So naturally, this teen romance film would not be as successful as it is without its sexy cast. Noah Centineo and Israel Broussard have already broken too many girls hearts. However, what do regular spectators think about 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before' and what are their reviews? The Typical Student team delivers 29 HILARIOUS 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before' tweets. Enjoy!

#1 If you don’t get it, just watch the movie, we are not going to spoil it.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-10#2 And yes, this is exactly what makes a perfect man.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-12#3 Well, just name a girl who doesn’t like Peter Kavinsky. We don’t really think that girls who don’t want to marry Peter exist.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-11#4 That is so sweet.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-14#5 Oh, really, did she?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-13#6 Well, everybody would probably fully disappear from the country. We think that the answer to this question is that Lara is a fiction character and that’s why she could manage her life. 

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-16#7 Well yeah, it has already become a new sexual orientation.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-15#8 When you really don’t want to talk about your letters.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-18#9 Who doesn’t want Peter?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-17#10 That happens.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-21#11 And again, who on Earth wouldn’t like to marry Peter Kavinsky?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-19#12 If you know what I mean.


#13 Well, everybody knows Peter Kavinsky is superior.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-22#14 LOL, this one is really hilarious.


#15 When you get just a little too much emotional.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-24#16 Confess, do you do this too? We know you do.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-25#17 Well, we still hope that it was not a fake relationship, do you?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-26#18 That is why it is always better to go out on Saturdays.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-27#19 Yeah, it’s really better than The Kissing Booth, isn’t it?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-28#20 Yes, there is a lot to think about, don’t you agree?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-29#21 Why can’t the real boys be at least a little bit like Peter and text us back?


#22 Well, those actors are not actually teens, but you still have the point.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-02#23 Yes, she shouldn’t have done that.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-03#24 OMG, this is so true! Noah Centineo is so hot, isn’t he?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-04#25 A pretty good answer indeed, isn’t it?

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-05#26 Well, some parents think that if their kids clean the bedrooms, that means that something really terrible is happening to their children.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-06#27 And there is nothing else to add. Pretty good life lessons though.

hilarious-tweets-about-ex-boyfriends-07#28 The most important thing in your life is being able to say no like a liar. This can actually save your life some day, so keep that in mind.


#29 And this tweet shed a new light on Peter Kavinsky. Have you seen him put his hand on Lara covey’s back jean pocket?


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