Honor Roll Student Who Paid For Lunch With Counterfeit Money Faces Two-Week Suspension

3 years ago



Weird but kinda sad story happened to a Georgia middle school student the Typical Student team just cannot leave without attention. A black honor roll student has faced a 2-week suspension because he unknowingly paid for his lunch with a counterfeit $20 this past week.


Where Did Student Get Counterfeit Money?





Allegedly, Austin Road Middle School student Christian Philon, 12, got the counterfeit $20 bill from his parents, who got it as a change from a fast-food restaurant. Despite both Christian and his parents claim they had no idea the money was fake, the student has been punished with a 10-day in-school suspension.


Why Was Student Punished?


Until the money was marked by a school cafeteria worker, Christian did not know he had handed in the fake $20 bill. Reportedly, the school officials told the boy: "You possessed it, so you’re going to have to pay for it." The parents tried explaining the circumstances to the school officials, but all in vain. Accidental or not, the administration still “drew a hard line with the student.”





According to the study, suspensions, even in-school ones, increase the likelihood of student’s dropping out. Suspensions also negatively impact student’s academic performance, according to another study. Hopefully, Christian won’t suffer badly from the consequences of his suspension.


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