Scandalous Horror Story About The Worst College Roommate

2 years ago



Victoria Ashley posted a video on her YouTube channel where she tells her college roommate horror story. And that's what the Typical Student team will tell you about?








It was Victoria’s freshmen year of college. She moved into an apartment with two of her friends and one random person (Pineapple). As usual, the things were going great at the beginning, but then Victoria and her friends started to have some issues with Pineapple.

What was wrong with Pineapple?

Victoria claims that Pineapple went completely crazy, she behaved really odd and the most important thing – Pineapple was stealing their food and other stuff. When girls tried to talk to Pineapple in order to work their issues out, she said that she wants to move out. So eventually Pineapple moved out with a bunch of stuff she had stolen from the girls, but this was not the end yet.

Another Roommate





After Pineapple had gone, their apartment complex decided to give them another cool roommate, Coral. And Coral was completely fine until the girls found out that she was a pathological liar. She literally lied about everything. So one day Coral started acting out having a relationship with a guy who had no idea that he was Coral’s boyfriend. She made so much drama about this fake relationship that it literally freaked Victoria and her friends out.


Victoria says that the following year they had another roommate who was completely okay. She also adds that Pineapple and Coral were the weirdest people she has ever met.

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